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Summer is in full swing in Japan, with beautiful sunny afternoons and warm rainy evenings lifting moods worldwide. What better time to relax under the air-con or in front of a fan with a cold drink during the summer season and read some manga?

Chill out this summer with this manga selection of ghostly tales from days long gone, with various genres to choose from. Be sure to let us know which is your favorite!


Story & Art: Satoshi Mizukami

Fuuta Okeya is making the most of his normal second year of middle school when his life is turned upside-down by the sudden appearance of Kouko Ishigami – A transfer student with a huge scar – who claims that Fuuta is her rival from a past life! What could Kouko mean by this… and how will it affect Fuuta’s crush on this mysterious new classmate!

This comedy-action manga delves into spirits, magic, and time travel, with unique characters and surprising plot twists at every turn. You’ll be fascinated by the incredible history between the two contrasting protagonists, but as they say, opposites attract!


Story and Art: Ranma Kusumi

If you dive into the backstreets of Edo, you’ll encounter a mysterious “cat rental shop.” This strange shop is owned by the beautiful Kuro, whose gender and age are unknown. Kuro’s Cat Rental is the place to go if you’re looking to rent a cat, purchase a kitten or get assistance with your toughest problems.

This fantastical slice-of-life mystery is cozy and intriguing, with enticing characters and captivating stories of Edo citizens. The combination of mystery and the old Tokyo aesthetic add to the charm of this cat tale! 


Story: Yasunori Kazuga
Art: Yutsuki Inumura

Evil spirits have escaped from the Lethe Valley and taken over the city of Paris, using their magic to steal words from the civilians. Cocteau is an illiterate young orphan working in the north of the city when he is attacked by a terrible “Shade” and is discovered by Baudelaire, an esteemed poet with a dark secret. After using the power of words to defeat the spirit, Baudelaire senses great potential in the young boy and decides to take Coctaeu under his wing and transform him into a poet. Will they be able to save the city, or will Baudelaire be doomed to a fate worse than death?

Set in 19th-century Paris, this exciting fantasy will have you on the edge of your seat, making it perfect for mystery and literary themes fans. Each character will reveal the dark depths of their past as they work to save the city and unravel the enigma of the Lethe Valley.


Story & Art: Keito Yoshikawa

Imperial University students Motoi and Reiichi are walking home one rainy day when they encounter the mysterious Alice, a foreign girl who leads them to the “Exotic Wildlife Trade Shop” in the rundown Hongo district. The shop owner shows the boys one of his latest demonic specimens and asks if the curious Motoi wants to try raising an “Oni” for himself. With this chance meeting, Motoi steps into the curious world of Japanese monsters and spirits.

Set in the early Showa period, this manga will teach you all about some of Japan’s famous folklore as Motoi steps further into the supernatural world. If you’re fascinated by youkai and oni, you’ll love Raise the Demon

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