Love and BL Actor and Share House



An extremely shy girl who struggles to communicate with others.


A BL actor who has never dated a woman before. Beautifully bright and strong.


Nozomi’s boss and ex-lover who yanks Nozomi along by his heartstrings.


Works in retail and helps Kyoka find cute clothes. Lives in the share house.


A novice lingerie designer and one of the share house residents.


Kyoka has a hard time looking people in the eye. She is shy and has never had any friends. But when she moves into a lively sharehouse with fun and cheery housemates, Kyoka slowly learns how to come out of her shell.
Though Kyoka admires each of her housemates, she especially looks up to Nozomi Harada, a BL actor who lives in the room next to her’s. He is beautifully radiant and lights up any room. But even the sparkling actor can get gloomy sometimes. Will Kyoka be able to light a spark within Nozomi again…?

©︎Namiko Nanba/OHZORA Publishing Co.,Ltd 2019

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