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Works in her father’s flower shop. Looks younger than her age.


Owns land near Saki’s flower shop and manages operations in the district.


Daughter of a gym owner. Trains in martial arts.


Hana’s current boyfriend from college.


Hana’s ex-boyfriend and a famous martial artist.


“Yakuza and Flowers”: Saki Ogawa lives a similar life to the flowers she tends to: she wakes up in the morning, is active while the sun is out, then goes to sleep at night to repeat it all the next day. So when she goes to a nightclub for a delivery, Saki enters a new world full of allure and mystique. The nightclub owner Renji Kanamori is just that: alluring and mysterious. Saki can only imagine all of the shady business he must conduct. At least she won’t have anything to do with him…!

“The Triangle Fighter”: Hana and Rui have been dating for three years. And yet… they haven’t been able to go all the way. Every time they get close, Hana instinctively throws hands as if she were in the ring… Rui’s learned to dodge them lately, but the couple won’t be able to avoid talking about it forever!

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