Top Ten Manga Sales Ranking: July 2022 Week 2

Here are the Top Ten Manga Sold in Japan on Week 2 of July 2022 (as of July 15, 2022).

Bookstore* Sales

* All MARUZEN, Junkudo and Bunkyodo bookstores nationwide
Source: honto Rankings


trực tuyến Physical Releases

Source: honto Rankings


trực tuyến Digital Releases

Rank Title Author/Illustrator Publisher Release Date
1 Chi – Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite Vol. 8 Uoto Shogakukan 2022/06/30
2 BLUE GIANT EXPLORER Vol. 6 Ishizuka Shinichi Shogakukan 2022/06/30
3 The Apothecary Diaries Vol. 10 Hyuuga Natsu Square Enix 2022/06/23
4 Though I Am an Inept Villainess: Tale of the Butterfly-Rat Body Swap in the Maiden Court Vol. 3 [Denshi gentei kaki oroshi manga-tsuki] Ohitsuji Ei Ichijinsha 2022/06/30
5 The Tales of Marielle Clarac Vol. 6 [With color illustrations drawn exclusively electronically] Alaskapan Ichijinsha 2022/06/30
6 Mystery to Iunakare Vol. 11 Tamura Yumi Shogakukan 2022/06/10
7 My Happy Marriage [Separate volume version] Vol. 23  Agitogi Akumi Square Enix 2022/03/01
8 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Shizoku Kaigi-hen 5-volume Satou Tsutomu Square Enix 2022/06/27
9 Natsume Arata no Kekkon Vol. 8 Nogizaka Tarou Shogakukan 2022/06/30
10 Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Vol. 8 Yamada Kanehito Shogakukan 2022/06/17

Source: honto Rankings


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