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The Shinkyu family’s beloved and mischievous cat.


The youngest of the Shinkyu siblings. Probably the lowest on Bee’s totem pole.


The strictest but loved because Mom provides Bee’s food.


Honestly a little bit too loud for Bee’s liking but has gotten used to him.


The elder sister of the Shinkyu siblings. Brought Bee home when she was still a student.


The eldest sibling. Has already moved out of the Shinkyu household but is still loved by Bee.


Welcome to the Shinkyu family with Mom, Dad, Ebi, Chie, Brother (who has already moved out), and of course, Bee. From dreaded vet visits to holding “Who Does Bee Like The Most” competitions and monitoring Bee’s relationship with the neighborhood cats, the Shinkyus seem to revolve their days around their four-legged friend. (Bee’s inner voice: as they should!)
Every day leads to a new discovery of Bee’s personality. Like how cats can tell when you’re snapping a picture of them! Or is that just Bee…?

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