Top Ten Manga Sales Ranking: August 2022 Week 1

Here are the Top Ten Manga Sold in Japan on Week 1 of August 2022 (as of August 5, 2022).

Bookstore* Sales

* All MARUZEN, Junkudo, and Bunkyodo bookstores nationwide
Source: honto Rankings


trực tuyến Physical Releases

Source: honto Rankings


trực tuyến Digital Releases

Rank Title Author/Illustrator Publisher Release Date
1 Golden Kamuy Vol. 31 Noda Satoru Shueisha 2022/07/19
2 Konjiki no Gash!! 2 Page 5 Raiku Makoto BIRGDIN BOARD Corp 2022/07/21
3 Radiation House Vol 13 Yokomaku Tomohiro Shueisha 2022/07/19
4 Golden Kamuy Vol. 30 Noda Satoru Shueisha 2022/06/17
5 Asu, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo Vol. 11 Wono Hinao Shogakukan 2022/07/19
6 Giant Killing Vol. 61 Tsujitomo Kodansha 2022/07/22
7 Saint Young Men Vol. 20 Nakamura Hikaru Kodansha 2022/07/22
8 Chihayafuru Vol. 49 Suetsugu Yuki Kodansha 2022/07/13
9 Futari Solo Camp Vol. 13 Debata Yuudai Kodansha 2022/07/22
10 Medalist Vol.6 Tsuruma Ikada Kodansha 2022/07/22

Source: honto Rankings



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