Manga Planet Chapter Updates: July 2022 Week 4

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 4, July 2022.

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Are Koichi and his young fiancée Akari really deadset on pursuing this marriage?

Akari’s old work buddy has returned from overseas. What does he think about his friend’s surprising marriage?

Ever since that night, Akari has been having nightmares about whether her beloved Koichi wants to return to his ex-fiancée.

Plain-jane Kanno still has no idea why President Kuroki wants to go out with her…if all they ever do is just kiss!

Story Summary:
Mr. Shima can always depend on Chitose for speed and consistency. Chitose loves helping out, too. She hates the thought of Mr. Shima having to work overtime because of her mistake.

Chitose is very fond of Mr. Shima, but has trouble showing it. Her face stiffens whenever he’s near, and her wording becomes harsh. Mr. Shima probably thinks she’s an ice queen!..

But during a company dinner party, Chitose and Mr. Shima drink a little too much and… wake up next to each other in Chitose’s room! Ah well, at least nothing is going to happen… right?


The rainbow koi feeds on the world’s abundant information. What does this mean for Zan?

Story Summary:
Yoshitsugu is a samurai wandering during the Boshin War period with no memory of who he is. One day, a spirit goddess appears in front of him and points him down a journey to regain his memories. As he slowly regains his memories, it turns out that his true identity is Zan, one of the Twelve generals of the Army of Light scattered throughout different times and different worlds. Now on a mission to find his fellow generals, will he be able to fulfill his duty? What exactly is he fighting for?



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