The Loser General Gets Beaten Once Again



The infamous “Loser General”. His experience in warfare is unmatched, but why does he keep losing all his battles in the first place?


A child from the strongest mercenary army, the Vathermunt Chivalric Order.


The princess of the Heiminar Kingdom, who takes on the duties of her ill father, the King.


The brash, energetic young captain of the 50-man strong Domro Corps.


Tina, the young daughter of the world’s strongest knights, the Vathermunt Chivalric Order, is to fight for the kingdom of Heiminar in her very first battle. Here, she comes across the infamous legendary mercenary Doh Durcus. Although he may have fought opposite her own father and brother in the past, surely there is something she can learn from fighting alongside him – but is there anything worth learning from someone who has lost every battle he’s fought?

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