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Jomy Marcus Shin

An ordinary boy who grew up in the Education World of Atalaxia, who had no idea he had psionic Mu powers of his own. Still has to come to terms with being the chosen successor to lead the Mu people.

Soldier Blue

Leader of a group of evolved human psionics called the Mu. Knowing he may not be around to rule his people for much longer, he finds Jomy and appoints him as his successor.


Soldier Blue considers her to be the “goddess” of the Mu; she is a blind woman who has the ability to foretell the future through her tarot cards, as well as convey her memories through telepathy.


A few days before Atalaxian Jomy Marcus Shin’s Awakening Day, he has a strange dream of a young blue-haired man. This young man is Soldier Blue, the leader of a group of psionic humans called Mu. The Mu have been fighting for generations for the right to survive against the humans who want them all killed, and have been dreaming to go back to the old homeland – Terra – the old Earth. Little does Jomy know that his awakening is the Mu’s last chance – can he unlock his own powers and lead the Mu back to Terra?

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