Acorn the Kitty Cat (Full Color Edition)



King of the Nekomaki household. Twelve years old and very content with being the only cat-child.


The chaotic new addition to the Nekomaki household. Can’t hold back when he sees Kitty Senior.


Kitty Senior and Acorn’s loving mother and Dear’s strict wife. Used to work at a dishonest company but has since debuted as a comic artist.


Nekomaki’s Dear Honey, A.K.A. Undies Man. Disregarded in the hierarchy of the Nekomaki household.


A wonderful in-house chef. Often gets taken advantage of to buy Senior Kitty and Acorn toys.


I, Kitty Senior, enjoy my life as a house cat. When it’s time to eat, my humans are there to serve me food. When it’s time for play, my humans are there with toys. And when it’s time to sleep, I have my very own human heater waiting for me in my futon, his name is Dear, A.K.A. Undies Man (don’t ask, humans are weird). All is purrfect.
Well, all was perfect… until Nekomaki decided to bring a little demon “cat” called Acorn into the house. I’m not even convinced that this ball of snotty fur even is a cat.
I can already tell: my twelve years on this earth is NOT going to be peaceful…

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