Manga Planet Chapter Updates: August 2022 Week 4

Hello from Manga Planet! Here’s our list of manga chapter updates on Manga Planet for Week 4, August 2022.

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Sana always tries to make herself seem small, but not around her regular customer, Kouhei.

Kouhei is dead-set on finding Sana a boyfriend. Why can’t he just volunteer himself?

Sana’s coworker Ichika can’t just accept that Kouhei is going to be her boyfriend. How far is she willing to scheme to get in their way?

Karin is finally mustering up the courage to confess to Tooru, her former babysitter.

Story Summary:
“Bittersweet”: Ever since she was young, Sana has been made fun of for being taller than her peers. Fortunately, most people don’t make mean comments about her appearance anymore… most. Kouhei, a regular customer at her cafe, knows exactly how to make her tick. But Sana knows how to defend herself now: fight fire with fire!

For some reason, Kouhei unlocks a comfort in Sana that lets her let loose. Maybe he can unlock even more feelings in Sana…?

“Lolita Battle”: Karin is finally going to do it. She will overcome her lifelong fear of being rejected by her first love, a lawyer named Tooru, who used to be her babysitter. Although Karin set her heart up for the worst, she could have never imagined his REASON… How could she have known that she’d missed her timing by ten years!?

(Warning: Child molestation)



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